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Restoration Projects

Countless volunteers contribute thousands of man hours to help JAM return classics from the jet age to airworthiness. Learn how you can assist in this rewarding adventure!

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Getting Involved

Joining the JAM family is fun, challenging, exciting and rewarding! If you enjoy history, meeting great people and being around awesome machines, there’s a place for you with the museum.

As a member

There are several benefits to becoming a member of the museum, from special passes to flights, camaraderie and the satisfaction of restoring Canada’s history.

As A Volunteer

Volunteering at JAM is one of the most satisfying experiences one could explore. A great team of people are the backbone of this flying museum.


“My father trained on Harvards under the BCATP (British Commonwealth Air Training Program) before flying over Normandy in 1943 and 1044. I trained on T33’s before being washed out of the program in 1964. Being around the history that JAM provides is not only exciting but brings me closer to my roots and to my dad. What a fantastic way to contribute to our nation’s past and pride.”


Private Pilot, Historical Aviation Enthusiast


Jet Aircraft Museum
2465 Aviation Lane – Unit #2
London, Ontario, Canada
N5V 3Z9

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2465 Aviation Lane – Unit #2
London, Ontario Canada N5V 3Z9
Phone: 519-453-7000

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Thursday 1000 to 1600
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Jet Aircraft Museum – London, Ontario

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