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Since part of the museum’s mandate is to preserve Canada’s jet aircraft heritage, we are always looking for examples of aircraft that served in the Canadian Forces and the RCAF. Not only are we looking for the aircraft themselves, but we are also searching for equipment, parts and supplies that would have been used in the operation of any jets.

If you ever worked with these aircraft, know of air frames for sale or that could be saved, or have something that would be of help in telling the amazing stories of these jets, and the men and women who helped protect Canada and Canadian interests, please Contact Us.

De Havilland Vampire


The RCAF’s introduction to the jet age came in the form of the DH Vampire.


CF-101 Voodoo


Designed for NORAD in the 1950s to deal with the Soviet bomber threat.

CF-100 Canuck


In service for over 30 years the Avro CF-100 was a twin engine interceptor.

CF-104 Starfighter


Started as an interceptor aircraft that was then modified for a low level  attack role.

CF-86 Sabre


The Canadair F-86 Sabre became the RCAF’s most famous and well liked fighter.

CF-5 Freedom Fighter


In service since 1968, the CF-5 proved to be a safe and tough fighter aircraft.

F2H-3 Banshee


The Banshee was a rugged and reliable, all weather fighter for the Canadian Navy.

CT-114 Tutor


The Tutor was originally bought in the mid 1960s to train student pilots.


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