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We can fly because of you!

Thank you for the generous support of all our donors who believe that the Jet Aircraft Museum is a valuable part of our Canadian history. Are you interested in donating to the Jet Aircraft Museum? Looking for someone to contact about arranging bequests? Please contact Scott Ellinor by e-mail, president@jetaircraftmuseum.ca

Diamond Arrow ($100,000 +)

  • Robert Hewitt (Founder)

Silver Star ($10,000 – $25,000)

  • Ontario Trillium Foundation
  • London Heritage Council
  • Concorde Batteries

Bronze Tutor ($5,000 – $9,999)

  • Takla Foundation
  • Good Foundation
  • Air Force Heritage Fund
  • Northwind Aviation and Marine

Lifetime Membership ($2500)

Robert Hewitt Louise Hendriks Fern Villineuve Al Clark
James Leslie Vijay Mistry William “Turbo” Tarling Larry Ricker
Richard Cooper Ken Mist Ken Kennedy Kevin W. Moore
David White Simon Pont Laura Pont Rachel Pont
Giorgio Clementi Anthony Salotti  Gordon Hughes  Lew Benvenuto

Vampire ($1000)

  • Ministry of Tourism and Culture


Washroom Construction and Renovation Project

A huge thank you goes out to those listed below who helped us expand our washrooms to a larger capacity, as well as to install an expanded size woman’s washroom!

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