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Board of Directors – Appointed 12 June 2017

Congratulations and many thanks to the new board appointed at the recent Annual General Meeting.



Scott Ellinor – President

Scott grew up in a home where there was a love of aviation and military jets in particular. Scott remembers that as a child, he attended airshows in Toronto and the U.S. with his father and brother. As an adult, Scott spent 40 years in heavy industry in the London area. During that time Scott continued to attend and be involved in local airshows. With the demise of airshows in London, Scott joined the Jet Aircraft Museum and now has taken on more of a leadership role as a member of the Board of Directors.

If you would like to contact Scott, you can send an e-mail to: president@jetaircraftmuseum.ca 



Doug Glussich – Director of Special Projects


Bio coming soon!



Graham Rawlinson – Director of Flight Operations

Graham has been in aviation for over 35 years when he first become a Private Pilot in the UK. At that time Graham continued his flight training towards becoming a British Commercial Pilot and completed his Multi-engine, and Instrument Rating. A downturn in the aviation industry set Graham on a different path. However, he kept his flying dream alive by becoming a Jet Aircraft owner in 2011 when he purchased a BAC Jet Provost T4 an Ex-RAF Military trainer. He then shipped it to Canada and started the restoration process. This work took over 3 years to complete. Graham’s Jet Provost is the first Jet Provost in Canada.

With his knowledge of not only operating a military jet aircraft in Canada but also understanding the requirements to acquire, import and restore aircraft made him a great candidate for the Director of Flight Ops. Graham’s vision is to help other Pilots to fulfill their dreams of becoming a Jet Pilot and is now in charge of developing programs to training both Pilots and Ground Crew at the Jet Aircraft Museum.

If you would like to contact Graham, you can send an e-mail to flightops@jetaircraftmuseum.ca



Cathy Cassin – Director of Fundraising

Cathy has had an interest in aviation from a young age. Her great uncle served briefly in the RCAF during the Second World War, he enjoyed working as a flight engineer in the Civil Division of the Royal Air Force, Ferry Command from 1942 – 1945. He received a M.B.E. from King George VI for his meritorious work during the war, which included being the flight engineer on the crew that secretly flew Prime Minister Winston Churchill from London to Moscow for talks with Joseph Stalin.

She continues to enjoy many paths in the aviation industry as her son pursues a career as a pilot.

Cathy’s background includes a degree in accounting where she worked in the retail industry for 21 years before changing careers to the education sector, where she is now an administrative assistant.

If you would like to contact Cathy, you can send an e-mail to fundraising@jetaircraftmuseum.ca



Rick Graham – Director of Restoration

Bio coming soon!



Simon Pont – Director of Events and Public Relations

Simon has always had a passion for aviation – from airshows in the UK to the present day. Simon was born and raised in the UK where he was a Police Officer for over 23 years. During that time, Simon was responsible for running the Police Air Support Unit for Thames Valley Police, covering the counties of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.

Simon moved to Canada in 2007 and joined the museum as a member in 2014, becoming a lifetime member in 2015. As an outgoing individual and JAM team member, and with his knowledge of working with (and serving) all communities, Simon is keen to promote and advance the aims of the museum with the broadest possible audience and help expand the opportunities for volunteering with JAM.

Simon has also established a significant interest in aviation in Canada. In partnership with his wife Laura and Director Graham Rawlinson, Simon is now part owner of a 1958 Hawker Hunter T. 7. The aircraft was purchased in the UK and was shipped to Canada in May 2016. The intention is to associate the aircraft with JAM and provide an additional and significant benefit to the museum while work goes on to restore the Hunter to flying condition.

If you would like to contact Simon, you can send an e-mail to: newsletter@jetaircraftmuseum.ca


Carolyn Mitchell-Rheault – Director of Membership

Bio coming soon!

Officers of the Board and Committee Leads

Laura Pont – Secretary

Maya Hirschmann – Curatorial Advisor

Doug and Marti Acton – Education Council Leads

Kenny Smith and Ken Kennedy – FrontDesk Officers

Carol Ellinor – Treasurer

Brian Rhodenizer – Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Brendan Reid – Webmaster

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