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Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Jet Aircraft Museum, without Volunteers we could not find, save, restore and fly these incredibly important pieces of Canadian History.

Every aspect of the museum is run with the leadership and assistance of volunteers.

Want to get involved? Simply contact us or stop by.

Currently, JAM is looking for new members to participate in the following areas:

  • Tour Guides: The museum gets quite busy on the weekends, and we are looking for new members to be the “Face of JAM”. Give guided tours and answer questions about the history of jet aviation! No previous knowledge is required!
  • Marketing: JAM is in need of new members who have experience in marketing. We are looking to expand our publicity, and improve the museum marketing platforms.
  • Simulation: Are you interested in flight simulation? JAM has a set of 9 flight simulators and we are looking for new members to help us run, maintain, and improve our flight simulators. 
  • Education Program: JAM’s new Education Program allows for Grade 6 classes to visit the museum to learn about the theory of flight, as per The Ontario Curriculum. We need new members to assist us with running this program when we have classes visiting. No prior experience with education is required. 

All areas that can be worked in include:

  • Membership
  • Tours
  • Archives
  • Restoration
  • Fundraising
  • Membership
  • Maintenance
  • Aircraft Documents and Library
  • Airshows 

Member Awards

In a effort to do our best as an organization to recognize the dedication and sacrifice of our members the museum has created the following three awards. These awards are the least we can do for the hard work and long hours many of our members and directors put into this great group.

These awards are given out upon nomination and board approval to individual members deemed worthy of the award. Nominations of members for the award by fellow members is encouraged so always feel free to email one of the directors with a nomination of a deserving member.

The Robert Hewitt Founders Award: To be awarded to the Member of the Year

The criteria are as follows but not limited to:

  1. Attendance at JAM activities
  2. Number of shows supported
  3. Committee time
  4. Initiative
  5. Taking action when unforeseen events take place

The Fern Villeneuve Award: Technical Support Award 

The criteria are as follows but not limited to: 

  1. Any member providing outstanding technical support.
  2. The support can be in any area; ground or air.
  3. Some areas to be considered, IT, Admin, Maintenance, Instruction, Graphics etc. 

The Charlie Fox Award: The Unsung Hero Award

The criteria are as follows but not limited to:

  1. Members who consistently work behind the scenes to better the JAM operation
  2. Accomplishing tasks that are above and beyond what is expected
  3. Willingness to move in at any time to take on any given task
  4. Using initiative to complete tasks when no clear direction has been given


Management of JAM is done by a Volunteer Board of Directors and the Committee’s and Departments are run by Volunteers.

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